Day Book 2/26

Outside My Window: Beautiful day today. To bad Jeanie spent most of it doing homework and shoe shopping for children.

I Am Hearing; Star Wars 4 -Basically the first Star Wars in my opinion. We made the executive decision to cut back on excessive bills and turned off the cable. Although we were living it up on the free HBO the hubs felt it didn’t merit the amount. When we lived in “Dallas” we didn’t have cable and lived to tell about it. We’ll find other cheaper options, besides most of the networks play their stuff online the next day and hulu is our friend too. I may try to talk him into Netflicks again.

I Am Thinking: Last week kicked my butt and then some. Im not sure what it is about shorter weeks but they never are as good as they sound. This is the last week of the semester. I probably say this every semester but so glad Im done. I will say that I LOVED my Psychology and Government classes. I honestly actually learned a few things that made more sense this day in age than it probably did 13-14 years ago when I took these classes. Your never to old to retake the basics.

Besides Homework: The hubs decided that I needed a Kindle. I know he’s such a keeper. Looks like Jeanie may actually get a book or two in during her “Spring Break” which is all of a week and half but I will take it and love it and kiss every single day of it. It’s not the fancy colored one but Im happy. Any suggestions for some “free” reads? I’ve got the good classics downloaded so far and some kids books. Yes the kids have taken it over. Of course.

Looks Like: I will be taking Statistics (boo hiss), Intro To Literature (yay!)  looks like I’ll get my read on either way and a Print Production class..which is going to be fantasic (I hope). Im looking forward to the coming semester.

Plans For The Week: The dentist..wondering if the hubs will consider rescheduling ..probably not. Im still up to my eyeballs in homework (can you say 10 page website?), and work work. It just makes me want to crawl in a hole and not come out.

Picture Thoughts: Yeah no. I promise the following week I will be a crazy picture taking fool. I already have slight plans for what I want to do.


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