Day Book 2/19

Outside My Window: Its looking to be a pretty nice day…

I Am Hearing: Mario Kart- The boys are addicted to it and the funny thing is I had to beg them to use some of their Christmas money to buy it (for me). It reminds of the time we did the summer reading thing when we lived in Dallas and the oldest was able to get a free book from Barnes and Noble one of those being Percy Jackson. He absolutely refused to get that one as it sounded “dumb”. After much convincing he caved and of course is now probably the biggest fan of the Percy Jackson series. I have to bring it up occasionally that mom does know best. 😉

I Am Thinking: A small handful of you probably know my angst with one particular class Im having. The hard part is I only have two weeks left of the semester so I can’t withdrawl. Im just going to do the best I can. The funny thing is Im not really “flunking” the class but the frustration level of the whole coding part has sent me to the crazies. This is not a class for online study. Im not sure what Im going to do with this ten page website but it’s not going to be pretty. The fact that I have several friends who are also going back to school and are always “mentioning” on Facebook that they are making straight A’s does not help matters. I can only do what I can do (beleive me Im so hard on myself when it comes to grades and have to tell myself that just because you got one freaking C does not mean you have failed college..ugh it’s like high school all over again)

On That Note:
Along with drowning in homework Im also drowning in work work. Ive probably mentioned this one too many times…it seems to be the topic of month. I went Saturday morning to get caught up. I could have stayed a lot longer but didn’t. My work buddies begged me to just take my 3 day weekend and enjoy and come with them to get a massage but I just couldn’t do it..if not working than Im working. I am so looking forward to Monday and not doing anything work and schoolwork related.

I’d like to say I have awesome lighthearted things to say but I really don’t. Im just a ray of sunshine on this Sunday morning.

Plans For The Week: I really wish I had something awesome to look forward to this week besides my Monday holiday. Oh well the semester is slowly coming to a close so there’s that.

Picture Thoughts: I did actually take a picture or two (literally..just like 2) at the bus stop on a foggy morning. This squirrel was really curious about us sitting in the car at the end of the driveway. I think he would literally tried to climb on the car but the bus came right as I was taking his pic.


2 thoughts on “Day Book 2/19

  1. There is definitely nothing wrong with a C- I got plenty of them in college and had no excuses – you have great excuses : children, full time job, children, full time job… I could go on.

    LOVE this picture – so fantastic.

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