Day Book 02/06

Outside My Window: Partly cloudy with a chace of drizzle

I Am Hearing: The Voice. We finally caught on to it after the Super Bowl and when the hubs finally likes a music audition type show…I get to take advantage of it.

I Am Thinking: Lots of thoughts Im still a little overwhelmed with school and work, but it’s all good I guess. Im a little saddened as well. A blogger WhyMommy who I read a long time ago had breast cancer and then came into remission. I followed her all through her times of chemo and then finally going into remission. She was a brilliant writer and scientist which is what I found really fascinating. Any way I kind of stopped following her because frankly, I had to dump a lot of great blogs I loved. Nothing personal but time is not ever on my side and well yeah. Anywho I had no idea that she had gone back into cancer (whats the word?) and passed away today. My heart broke into a million pieces. I read her husbands post and her last post and ugh sad sad. She had two little little boys and yeah so there’s that.

I Am Hoping: To see a light at the end of the tunnel this week. I have doubts but you never know. Monday’s are my “day off” from school. Weekends are really when I pound everything out and it literally feels like I run a marathon from Friday night to Sunday evening. I literally only “stop” to eat sleep and do the basics of the children. Yeah I just had to share..

Trying To Think; If there is anything else remotely intersting about the past week? That thing for hubs didn’t happen. So we move on no big deal. I just figure someone else needed that opportunity more than we did. And we’re walking… The hubs did sign the youngest up for soccer. So yay one more thing to add to my to do pile. Im excited for him I think he’ll love it more than football.

Plans For The Week: To just keep sane. That’s all I know really.

Picture Thoughts: I suck. I have yet to even take a pic for February. I found a daily photo challenge for February that I like, we’ll see. Im missing my picture taking it is my get away from the crazy.


One thought on “Day Book 02/06

  1. I just read about Why Mommy through another blog – so sad. I didn’t follow her blog but it’s always hard to hear about stories like that – makes you want to hug your kids a little bit tighter.

    Hope you get to take some pictures soon – it soothes the soul, I swear!

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