Where Did the Day (Book) Go?

Yeah about that…time kind of slipped away from me this week. I feel a bit of a slacker as I really thought I was ahead of the game as far as school goes and then hit a major block with my Flash class and that’s all she wrote. The week has kind of gone down hill since. I’m moving forward and that’s about all I can do about it.

I took the day off today primarily because I had a meeting to continue Sp. Ed services for Wonderboy and that took all of 15 minutes but really thought I could get a lot done for the day. That seems to never happen for some reason.
I did accomplish some of the tasks I wanted like at least getting a few small things done around the house, then sushi beckoned me for lunch..actually the hubs called and sushi beckoned. By the time I went all the way across town for lunch and back that was pretty much the end of the day.

In case you didn’t notice this is a total rambling…

Let’s see… some anticipated exciting things happened and then didn’t happen and so we move on.

What else? My hubs knows my love language and let me shop til I drop at the thrift store. Got a few clothes for the boys, the hubs and me. The sales were really good and we went a little crazy and were just throwing things in the cart that we thought we couldn’t live with out. It’s ok when things are priced at a dollar. We never shop shop like this but maybe once or twice a year so I think we deserved it. I’ve really been “inspired” by the outfits on pinterest and tried to really base what I bought from that. Cardigans in every color seem to be my trend this year. In case you were following my fashion sense (not)

That pretty much sums up the week. I’d again love to tell you that I took a gazillion pics but I didn’t. Have I mentioned Im in the home stretch of school and it’s kicking bootie? Yep thought so. Depending on how this week of mid terms goes I may try to fit a picture of something in. I’ll pencil it in my schedule.


One thought on “Where Did the Day (Book) Go?

  1. Oh shop till you drop sounds fabulous! My husband always gets short tempered at thrift stores and I never get to stay long. Narrow aisles and crowds of people don’t go over well with him. Ah well, good luck with your mid terms!

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