Day Book 1/23/12

Outside My Window: It’s been chilly no complaints. No snow either.

I Am Hearing: Despicable Me We saw it in 3D. Did I mention I’m loving the free movie channels this week. It’s going to be really hard to give it up if we decide to.

I Am Thinking: Hoping for some good news for the hubs. A good opportunity is on the horizon. We’ll see, whatever will be will be. No worries either way. Still would be nice though.

I Am Hoping: Well I mentioned the hope thing already. I will say that I almost came this close to dropping my Flash class, but I persevered and although it wasn’t the greatest flash animation ever it was there and it was done. On to the next week. This seems like a normal complaint the first few weeks of the semester. I’ll make it.

Plans For The Week: We’ll see. We’re planning to sign the youngest up for soccer this weekend. Im actually more excited about soccer than football. Im hoping he’ll get more play time and love it. Did I ever mention that the hubs was a super soccer star at some point and could have easily (probably) gotten a scholarship for it? Yeah well he was and he didn’t. Any who maybe he passed his super soccer genes to his youngest.

Picture Thoughts; Yeah Im lame and took no pics this week. Let dig around the archives PS! Did you hear that Picnick is closing shop?! Say it ain’t so Google. I admit I weeped a little for humanity when I saw my e-mail. The small plus is they are giving all of their members free premium until they close. Sniff..Promise pics next week (fingers crossed behind back)


One thought on “Day Book 1/23/12

  1. I was pretty disappointed about Picnik closing. Google has not been making me very happy lately with all their little “changes” – I went to Picnik the second I heard about free premium to play around, but it just wasn’t the same not having any pictures I wanted to edit at the moment with those features. But I’m sure I’ll have a billion this May.

    Good luck to your hubby and good luck with flash! You can do it!

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