Day Book 01 15

Outside My Window: It’s been pretty darn nice out and supposed to be possibly in the 70’s in a day or so.

I AM Hearing: Battlefield LA the cable company offered free movie channels for the month so we are burning up the DVR.

I Am Thinking: Im at that point of feeling overwhelmed again with school. Im not overly proud of my quiz grades. You’d think after a good 3 weeks off the burn out would be over. It will iron out, it’s the first couple of weeks I guess. Eye on the prize folks..eye on the prize.

I Am Hoping: For a good week as usual. I had a pretty sick kid on Friday. It’s been a long while since I had a kid keep me up literally all night due stomach issues. No Bueno. He’s on the mend now and hopefully no one else gets it.

The Weekend: Was pretty quiet. The middle had a basketball things for special olympics. I hit the thrift store to kill time while waiting for the basketball pro. I admit my addiction to thrifting has gotten not quite out of control but it is almost a sickness. But when I can find a pair of Nikes (practically new) for $6.00 then Im sold. I’ve driven my little clan crazy with my score. Im so proud of my new shoes that I’ve literally worn them all day even in the house. Im usually not one to wear shoes in the house. I know it’s kind of sad really. The last pair of “new” athletic shoes I got were probably about 5 years ago when I was really into blogging and won a pair of Rykas. Those poor shoes have seen their day. (Am I really going all into a full paragraph about shoes?)

Plans For The Week: Not much that I know of. The boys (all of them) are off for MLK. Yay for them. At least I don’t have to get anyone up. Plus I can leave early and get off early.

Picture Thoughts: A few random pics from the week


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