Day Book 1/8/12

(Wow the month is already trying to fly by)

Outside My Window: Dark and Cool. No complaints

I Am Hearing: Mario Kart. Did I mention that I somehow talked the boys into chipping in some of their Christmas money to buy their dear ol mom Mario Kart? As the youngest states “Mom Mario Kart is so Under Rated! I love playing it!” -He’s 7 it’s funny that he actually is stating it correctly. 🙂

I Am Thinking: School started off with a bang. Remember I mentioned my confusion about needing Flash for a Interior Design class? was interactive design…Big Difference! I had to order my book/software really fast so I’ll be a smidgen behind for the first week. I thought Dreamweaver would be scary and hard but Flash?! Im not sure how ready I feel about that.

I Am Hoping: To get a good “leg” up on my other classes as they won’t be too complicated and it looks like Flash is going to take a lot of my time. A 10 page site on a designer we admire! Gulp!

Crafty: I admit my love for pinterest will never die and each and every hour I’m on something inspires me. I’ve already created my Angry Bird ornaments, My nifty Star Wars snowflakes, some really cute “clock prints” glued to old CD’s of all things to add to my kitchen. I have even been completely inspired to re do my kitchen simply by sanding/painting the current cabinets and then putting some fancy hardware handles and drawer pulls. I’ve slightly mentioned it to the hubs. Im not sure how sold he is on the idea, but they actually have “cabinet redo kits” that I want to try to tempt him with. I also want to do both bathroom cabinets but one thing at a time since hello I am actively going to be crazy busy with school.

The Weekend: Was pretty quiet. I spent most of it doing as much as I can on homework and yep crafting. I also took a few fun shots for the boys of course and their new “mythical creature” dudes they got at Michaels. The youngest is such the scientist and picked out a prehistoric fish kit that came with a little tank and fish eggs. I told him there was no guarantee that these would actually hatch or live for any certain amount of time. He claims he wants to be a scientist and who am I to stop him from following his dream? I will take pics if they actually hatch and what not. First distilled water must be purchased. I also told him if he kept up with it that maybe we would look into getting him a Beta fish that might last longer than these strange dried (dehydrated?) fish eggs.

Plans For The Week: We’re back to a full week. Im not sure how I feel about that. It’s also going to be interesting work wise. Nothing really pertaining to me but lots of changes on the horizon. May be Im meant to stick around for a little while.

Picture Thoughts: A few mythical creatures


3 thoughts on “Day Book 1/8/12

  1. I love the snowflakes!!!! Those were awesome. And, I’m officially obsessed with pintrest. I’m pretty sure that everything I ever do will be inspired by pintrest! Mario Kart: We literally played mario Kart for 2 solid days when we first got it…literally did not get off the couch! We were obsessed! 🙂

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