We All Live In A Yellow Submarine

How about just random rambling for old times sake?  I feel kind of bad that a Day Book post was skipped the first week of the year. Maybe I’ll change things up a bit for a change for the New Year. We’ll see, the year is young and school hasn’t started back yet.

Speaking of school… My children don’t start back until this coming Tuesday. Which is crazy ridiculous. Supposedly there is a teacher inservice on Monday so naturally they decided to start back Tuesday. We used to have weeks like this back in the day. The kicker is we started back that Wednesday or Thursday of the New Year and the following week we did indeed have an inservice day for Martin Luther king Im sure. Im also thinking they may have anticipated a blizzard around this time and was expecting to be out anyway. Who knows.

I start back Friday. I know. Since it’s online it really doesn’t matter what day, I start as long as work that’s due is turned in on time. I mentioned this semester is Interior Design. The weird thing is my book for class is for Adobe Flash. I haven’t ordered the book yet. I’ve learned over the past few semesters, half the time the book is rarely used. Sure required reading is “required” but most of the time everything is online and little reading is done so yeah Im holding back on ordering this one until I see the gist of it.

Ive considered transferring to a brick mortor school (you know school that I actually have to physically show up for), the logistics sound like to much for my schedule to handle. Plus Im afraid if  I transfer I will be tacked on a dozen plus hours more before graduating. You know to suck every last drop of money out of me.

Wow look at this healthy post.

Next on the agenda….

My middle son is a Beatles fan. I have no idea how this happened, it just came over night. He knows all of their names, he knows who is still alive..and is not (and who was shot), he knows Abbey Road… Im afraid he probably knows a little more than I do. We set up accounts for the boys both savings and checking. I know that’s probably a bit excessive for younger boys but we’re odd. Anywho the boys get to design their own card from the bank. Wonderboy requested Lego men with Abbey road. Since Im always up for a photoshoot/photoshop challenge, I was all over it.  I need to start using Photoshop on a regular basis as I get rusty. I wish I had an advanced class coming.

Here is the result of my shoot…

the original

Can I just say Im kind of proud of it? You can totally see Ringo and George in this can’t you? Sure you can.

Can I also say I really wanted to make the Lego men take large steps but that’s difficult to do ..with Lego men. Atleast the arms give it that small walking touch. Right Right.

If I was really good I would know how to add the shadow effect. Im sure it’s kind of easy if I fiddled with it but yeah..it’s all good.


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