Day Book 12/28

Outside My Window: It’s been delightfully mild weather lately. No complaints as we usually get some kind of blizzard around this time. Maybe we’ll skip one this year.

I Am Hearing: The TV is on and Im alone. No complaints

I Am Thinking: I enjoyed my little Christmas vacaction. I didn’t get as much done as I hoped but I got a little bit started. Plus I had good quality time playing with the boys and their toys. Some how I talked them into going in on Mario Kart with their Christmas money and I think it was a good idea all around.

I Am Hoping: To get our sun room done this weekend. I mentioned a friend of mine from work is giving us her old T.V. so the boys can have their own “game” T.V. 

Christmas: Overall was a success, no complaints! The boys (including the big boy) got a lot of toys (quanity over quality right?) although it wasn’t all exactly what they wanted, they were happy.

Plans For The Week: Not much else. I head back to work tomorrow for  a two day work week and then off again for another three days off. I think I can handle that.

Picture Thoughts:


Waiting For Santa

 Yeah..they are waiting for Santa too.

More to come.


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