God Bless Us Everyone!

I felt it my duty to publicly announce that the ghosts of past, present and future have haunted Scrooge and she is a changed woman. At least she’s feeling much better about her situation and has kicked Scrooge to the curb. My cards came in on time (good enough time), my youngest found his much needed missing coat (so greatful I was not going to have to splurge on another coat with concerns of it being lost as well), and my oldest has finally brought his grades up to par that his 2-3 months of parole are now up and he is a free man. Christmas Miracles don’t necessarily have to come in timely sent packages.

On that note… I feel the need to jot down a few little traditions I’ve started with the boys. Mainly to help keep my memory jogged. Im thinking I may be a little old lady in the rest home trying to remember what it was we did each Christmas and might need to refer back to it thanks to the internets. Please may rest homes have interenet. Im pretty sure my addiction to Pinterest will last me well into my 80’s. Grandma will need her internet.

-First is the annual Dollar Tree gift exchange. Our little family of 5 and the dogs draw names for the $1.00 secret santa exchange. It’s mainly for the boys and it’s usually not so secret. You try coraling  3 boys in a store to get gifts for someone and be secret about it. It’s not that easy. Any who, the boys love to shop for whoever. I think it’s great to have them think more so on the thought than the price. They usually love their little $1 gift. I also have them wrap their persons gift for the most part on their own. This is usually the first and only gifts really under the tree until Christmas Eve. We have dogs that like to open presents.

-Second my name tag numbering system. When I first started this a million years ago it was when I could lay out presents under the tree with out concerns a dog would eat it. I’m pretty sure I got the idea from a blog somewhere, but instead of putting names on the presents and the boys snooping around see whos is whos I put numbers. No it’s not a chronological order, assuming that oldest would think #1 is their number and so on. It’s all random each year. This way they don’t know whos is whos and they can’t feel so and so got more presents and so on. It’s all a mystery. If my mom would have numbered my sister and I’s presents under the tree, I would have gone nutso crazy. I was a bad bad sneak. (One day I’ll do a full disclosure post on my badness…maybe). On Christmas morning the number is found on the gift in the stocking. So even on Christmas morning as they run to the tree to see what Santa brought all they see is wrapped gifts and numbers. Don’t try to out wit the sneakiest of sneaks..it won’t happen.

This year I’ve turned it up a notch. There is still the numbers but this time the numbers are well hidden somewhere on the gift. Im not sure if Im trying to be lazy about it as I usually piled each persons numbered gifts in each pile. This year they will all just be randomly laid under the tree and it’s up to them to find the number. We’ll see how this goes. I’ll keep you posted..of course.


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