Blah Humbug

Guess I needed some blog therapy…

Im feeling blah, no real reason why. Im pretty much done with everything but still feel under prepared.

Im still waiting on Christmas cards which I feel at this point is kind of pointless. Im almost to the point of “oh well, I’ll save them for next year”. Which of course won’t happen.  Sure folks will still be thrilled to get a card at New Years..that is if they come by New Years. I admit I took the “cheaper shipping route” but I’ve always taken the cheaper route and they always got here in plenty of time. Sigh. Obviously this is really bothering me.

The card is my thang as you probably know. I’ve gotten all of 3 cards this year. Im sure it’s because folks only send to those who have sent…that’s my theory anyway. I just feel completely incomplete this Christmas. I’m sure it’s the cards. It’s gotta be.

I’ve counted and praised my blessings that woot this Christmas the hubs is working (sadly too much…as in working 12 plus hours with no overtime..dang salary) and although we are still doing a very light Christmas everyone should be good and greatful and thankful and things are slowly but surely finally coming along. Yay Yay!

I’ve done everything I know to man to get in the spirit, even decking out an ugly Christmas sweater for work. It was a big hit. I’ve immersed myself in Christmas music, crafting something or the other more than usual. I got a much needed longer break from school, and I’ll be off a good 5 days straight. Nothing has changed  my Christmas cheer much.

We considered going up to Tulsa but Im honestly not in the mood. I should be making some kind of plan for Christmas lunch/dinner..ugh.

Hitting publish…So sorry you had to read this.


2 thoughts on “Blah Humbug

  1. Sorry to hear you can’t find that Christmas cheer – maybe you are setting your expectations too high? Just focus on all the good reasons to be happy and don’t worry about the rest. It doesn’t have to be The Christmas to End All Christmases. It won’t be perfect no matter how cheerful you are – and that’s totally fine. I hope you guys have a great holiday or at least a good one :O) Just focus on the boys and the hubs and don’t worry about the rest of it.

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