Day Book 12/18

Outside My Window: Chances for snow but not so much here. Rain and lots of it. Where was all this rain.. say back in August? It’s kind of odd for us to get so much moisture in December. Not that Im complaining.

I Am Hearing: A kid splashing in the tub, and a husband playing some kind of game that has farm animals in it with some annoying cowboy type music.

I Am Thinking: My stomach has gone south. That’s all Im going to say about that. Im thinking I over did it this weekend running here there and everywhere to get last minute Christmas done and my eating habits haven’t been to great this past week which is now suddenly coming to an impact. Hopefully this is just a minor thing.

Im hoping: Im pretty much done with everything. The hubs and I really haven’t been overly impressed with anything we’ve seen. Santa may be kind of low key this year. Which is fine really..maybe next year will be the big wow gift. The oldest lost his cell phone so we got him a cheaper phone. I think he’ll be thrilled to have a replacement. The middle son we got a little mp3 player. I got him a really really cheap one last year that never worked. San Disk is really good and that’s what I have, so I feel pretty confident it will work. He didn’t ask for it either but Im sure he’ll love it. The youngest got a few transformers and other random toys. No major wow gift. He really wants a XBox 360 of course. They’ve had some really good deals on them like if you buy the bundle than you get a $100 gift card. It’s still just hard to swallow that kind of money for a game machine despite the “$100 back”. Am I rambling? Im making up for time.

Other Weekend Randomness: I tried to finally get my hair done. I made an appoinment and have actually purchased a really good deal from Living Social, the thing is this lady is smack dab in downtown OKC. Not my ideal location to get my hair done. I tried both buildings that she may have been located in and could not find it and she wouldn’t answer her phone. So we gave up and the hubs said to cut my loses and get it done closer. So may be next week after Christmas.

Plans For The Week: I still have to work, we’ll see though how I feel in the morning. We’re not a hundred percent sure yet if we are going to make a trip to Tulsa or just stay in town. It will be low key that’s for sure. Im ok with that.

Picture Thoughts: I’ve been crafting it up today and taking pictures with my phone. Have I mentioned my love for Pinterest? Thought so…

Im now thinking I needed to make a yellow bird.


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