Day Book 12/11

Outside My Window: Could be colder I guess. That crazy snow storm we were supposed to have a last week was a total bust. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the weather be more wrong. Rain yes snow not even close.

I Am Hearing: Watching Amazing Race final.

I Am Thinking: I’ve got the majority of the shopping done except for 3 little monkeys. I haven’t even started on them..maybe this week.

I Am Hoping: To get evertything I ordered on time. I probably pushed the limit by ordering this week ecspecially the Christmas cards. Since I do my own it has to print and all that jazz. So if your expecting a card it maybe after Christmas.

Weekend: This is finals week and Im finished with everything except turning in my final website. I didn’t do much tweaking but the important parts so hopefully that will work. I actually get a good two and half weeks off which is awesome as normally we only got a week and half. Next semester is Interior Design  Government and Psychology. I figure I’ve gone this far with the basics I might as well go all the way. Interrior design should be interesting.

I learned: That it’s not a good idea to shop the Dollar Stores during peak shopping times of the weekend. However the craft store on a Sunday although crowded was not near the maddness that the Dollar store was. It took everything I had to only spend what I spent and no more. Thanks to my 50% off coupon for a regular item.

A Few Things I’d love Santa to bring me. (A girl can dream) An awesome lens though Im really good with mine for now. A Cricut that fancy cutter thing that does letters and shapes all that jazz would be so nifty and handy ecspecially when I swoon over Pinterest. Some cute boots good for work and casual would be nice as Im always wearing my little slippers everywhere even when it’s 30 degrees out. The boots I have are square toed..ick not even cute. More pretty colorful scarfs now that I know how to tie them right.  Yeah that should do.;)

Picture Thoughts: I took a few. Not anything like more normal standards. This is as good of Bokeh as this kit lens is going to get.

Almost Christmas card caliber.


One thought on “Day Book 12/11

  1. Ohh interior design sounds fun. Enjoy your vacation and I’m hoping Santa brings you some new fun things from your list. I love boots but have a very hard time finding ones I could actually wear. Things on my wish list? I’d love a macro lens (unlikely) and a good pair of dress shoes, maybe a new sweater. Is it weird that I know most of the things that I’m actually getting?

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