Day Book 12 4

Outside My Window: We’re expected snow of some kind tomorrow. We’ve heard a wide range of 12 plus inches, 4-10 inches, and the lastest just rain and snow mix. I will say Im not ready for this stuff this early. I don’t recall in my lifetime it snowing this early in December. Should be interesting to say the least.

I Am Hearing: Christmas music on Pandora. Im in a bleh scroogie mood. I figure I need some kind of holy jolly to cheer me up.

I Am Thinking: This is the first time in a long time that I’ve been done with homework early and can blog and not feel guilty that I’m multi tasking between homework. I’m actually feeling paranoid like I forgot something to turn in. I should be good..I think.  Oh and of course if you want to see the finished version of the website… 

It’s pretty much done..go ahead click the buttons. Creating a website from scratch is not an easy process. I have a few tweaks..but honestly Im not sure how to fix them. I’m done with it ..Im exhausted. I also have my video. I’ll spare you and show you next week.

I Am Hoping: For a good week. That’s all I can ask.

Weekend Thoughts: I got a lot done which is good. I had big plans to put up the tree but my stand is broke and duct tape was of no use. 😦 Needless to say this hasn’t helped my blah Christmas spirit. humbug

Plans For The Week: Im not expecting much really. Looks like I may have to do another update on the design of the blog. Fall is done and over with.

Picture Thought: Again I’ve slacked on the photo taking. Once I get the Christmas stuff up Im for sure going to get my bokeh on (photography slang). At least I hope.  Here is yet another card I’ve created. I think I like this one better as it’s more simplified and has a bit of pretty to it. The color is a little wonky because it’s in CMYK for print and not web (RGB). There  I go with my fancy design talk ;P


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