Day Book 11/27

Outside My Window: Chilly and sunny take your pick.

I Am Hearing: Amazing Race It’s my show yep yep

I Am Thinking: I’m ready for the end of this semester. It flew by that’s for sure..yes another 9 weeks/semester down (almost).

I Am Hoping: To finally get my hair done. It seems every weekend has been full of something. My hair is dying for a cut and a little TLC.

Weekend Update: We made the rounds at Tulsa. I had plans to do Thanksgiving dinner at home as well and that didn’t pan out just yet.

Plans For the Week: The boys have a skating birthday party on Monday. I know. I’m guessing they couldn’t fit it in any other time.

Picture Thoughts; I really feel I’ve lost my touch on pics. I took a few of the boys this weekend and meh is all I can say.  I did start on the Christmas Card. I sorta made this one to procrastinate doing homework. It may or may not be the final. I realize it’s not my usual but I really wanted to attempt at creating one that is similar to the fancy ones at that certain website that has all the awesome Christmas cards I oogle over. The hardest part is deciding which picture I want to add. I’m already thinking I’m going to change it.


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