Day Book 11/20

Outside My Window: Sunny and cold-the weather sounds like it’s going to make a turn for the worse this week. We’ll wait 5 minutes and see how true that will be.

I Am Hearing; The normal sounds of boys and their toys.

I Am Thinking: This week has been a mental crazed roller coaster. Im just mentally drained from the thing I do 9 to 5 everyday. I try not to complain much due to the economic situation of our nation but I literally feel any creative juice left in me is sucked right out by doing the same thing over and over all day and sadly only being able to do it mediorely. I’m taking all steps to remedy it. Just saying this little tid bit of vague information makes me feel slightly better.

May I Also Add? I’ve felt completely complacent about the whole upcoming holiday season. Like no anticipation whatsoever. It just feels like it’s going to be another day. Blah. I didn’t even have the energy pep to take the youngest to his school program. He didn’t have a main part and I just didn’t have it in me to get home and literally turn around and go again. I’m pretty sure the time change has a lot to do with it and this is pretty normal for me for this time of year. 😦

I Am Hoping: Hoping for a good and thankful week. I need to turn my frown upside down. Maybe I’ll finally kick it in gear and get into the spirit.

Plans For The Week: We’re headed up to Tulsie Town Wednesday night and stayover, which is new and unusual for our normal Thanksgiving plans as we usually head up that morning and leave that night. My MIL has decided to keep the boys Thursday night since I have to work Friday. Im hoping we’ll be able to leave early as I really see no point in coming in but whatever. I’ll then head back up Friday to hang out and make up for lost times we haven’t been up.  We shall see.

Picture Thoughts:  Now that this has been the biggest downer Day Book of 2011 how about a lovely rainbow to make our day?

This lovely was over my house Monday morning as I let the dogs out. I’m pretty sure that means little leprecaunns are guarding a big pot of gold behind those trees and at my neighbor’s house.


One thought on “Day Book 11/20

  1. Can I just say I love the new header and the rainbow pic is so pretty! I seem to be in the opposite boat as you – I started listening to Christmas music today – bring on the holidays! If I could only give you a bit of my enthusiasm, maybe we’d both be normal about it! :O)

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