Day Book 11/13

Outside My Window: It’s been a lovely autumn day. I have been loving the colors. Did I say that last week? I probably did.
I Am Hearing: Football of all things. Shocked you are I know.

I Am Thinking: Im loving my new little “nook” that I whipped up this weekend. It’s gotten to the point in this house that we literally “have” to have 4 computers running for anyone/everyone to function. Crazy I know. The hubs moved an old table into the dining room and moved our desk to this little corner in our sun room. It’s become my little studio for homework and what not. This table in the dining room now houses 2 old desktops for the boys. I might take a little pic of my “nook” soon.
The Weekend: We had our championship football game for the youngest. I will say that these little second graders played hard. Im pretty sure they played harder than a lot of college games I’ve seen. It was stressful to the bitter end. The only disappointment was Bossyboy didn’t get to play at all. It’s all politics and daddy’s not the coach. Plus there are a good 30 something boys enough to make another team. The coaches want to win and blah blah.
This kid of mine who not a mere 3 months ago was a total monster to get ready each evening for football. So much so that we had several verges of quitting and never would. Now he is constantly outside playing catch with himself. He begs his brothers to go out with him and I really think he’s now in love with the game. Hurts my heart he didn’t play but he didn’t complain once (at least not too much). Hopefully next year.

I Am Hoping: Im still trying to keep my options open for a lot things. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

Plans For The Week: It’s gonna be pretty busy. The youngest has his 2nd grade program. (I think) The new focus now is on Wonderboy as he does his basketball skills for Special Olympics this coming weekend. The youngest has his football party on Sunday.

School Schmool: Here’s the fun thing I “learned” in Dreamweaver this week. It’s the little things really. 😉 Go to Week 5 Spry Gallery and then just move your mouse over each picture. So fancy! 🙂 Im getting the hang of this web design thing.

In video editing class we’re getting started on our 1 minute project. I’ve decided to do a music montage of Oklahoma’s extreme weather. It sounds fun in my head but maybe complicated. We’ll see.

Picture Thoughts:

I have to say these action shots have been my fave to date. I never feared once that he would miss and the ball would pound me in the face. Yes I was literally laying on the ground right at his feet.


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