Day Book 11/6

Outside My Window: In case you didn’t know..we had an earthquake or 10 this weekend. 5.6 was Saturday nights reading. The biggest in OK history. Ive had my share of waiting out tornadoes and being nervous as a bull in a china shop. Those puppies they can track and tell you when it’s coming. Earthquakes not so much. Scariest natural phenomenon I’ve ever encountered in my life. Im good with earthquakes for the rest of my life time.

I Am Hearing: Football cuz we obviously don’t get enough.

I Am Thinking: It’s been a normal kind of week around here. I think were done with the boys football for the season. Im tired of the miscommunications on practices, games and playoffs. It wears me out really.

I Am Hoping: For a good week. I’d mention a few things but Im not. Lets just say Im really trying to pump out my resume in hopes that something will come along that is in the direction and focus of my degree. That’s all I have to say ’bout that.

Plans For The Week: We shall see. Not a lot going on. Hopefully no more quakes.

My apologies for the short post this week. School has got me locked down and over loaded.

Picture Thoughts: I haven’t touched my camera in almost a week. I do however have my first video commercial and since Im feeling really generous Im also going to upload my drafts for my pretend website for class. Neither commercial nor rough pics of my site are awesme but I know you’ll appreciate it anyway. (Humor me at least) By the way.. exactly 3o seconds is crazy hard..just for the record.

Yes it’s a part of my you probably thought you’d never expect to see on the blog. I was trying to give myself a a bit of “mystery”, nevermind that the tripod was the riding lawn mower and that was the best angle I could get. P.S. If you know the song I’m humming, big cookie for you. I didn’t intend to actually hum (that song just happened to be stuck in my head) and I didn’t think the sound would really pick it up. Once I started editing I thought it ironically fit and added a little something something to it.

We had to do  two roughs. I think Im going to do a combination of the two.  


One thought on “Day Book 11/6

  1. How fun, loving the peek into your homework. I actually like that you are humming in the video, it makes it feel “real” you know?

    I like the second version of the website better, but I think just because I’m not crazy about the gray background, though I do like the little red buttons on the sides.

    Glad to hear you survived those earthquakes – yikes!

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