Day Book 10-23

Outside My Window: We have out done ourselves on Halloween decor this year. We usually don’t go that crazy but this year we have 90 inch stuffed spider that is going on the roof and the “graveyard” is also set up. We haven’t gotten the spider up just yet but I’ll be sure to take some pics of our spooky place.

I Am Hearing: It’s actually pretty quiet. The TV is off, the hubs has a headache.

I Am Thinking: I surrvived throat sinus plague 2011. Hopefully Im done with that mess until next year.

School Thoughts: This week really had us full on in stuff that Im still just trying to comprehend. I may have complained before on this but I think the classes (video editing, web design) Im taking now would be best done in a classroom setting. Unfortunatley I don’t really have that luxury. I pretty much feel Im having to teach myself on the processes. What would normally be simple instruction in class can be really important and non chalantly missed in online class discussion/video/lecture. However Im just relieved to report I have my student site “up and running” there’s not really any content on it or structual layout yet, it’s the basic instruction given to us for now to get the links done properly and so forth.
Your welcome to take a gander:

If you really care I’ll keep you updated on completed projects. The first one is an e commerce kind of site. Im doing a inflatable party rental type store. The hubby’s cousin who is also a web designer/photographer extrodinaire, mentioned this really bad designed site. I checked it out and it was just badly colored themes, graphics that were poorly done and were animated and the biggest no no of all when visiting a website besides adding music; the cursor turned into scrolling words of their business name.
I wont link the site because Im not trying to make fun of them. I think it will be fun and interesting to see what I can do differently.

IM Hoping: For a much smoother week. Please and Thanks

Plans For The Week: We have a football game Tuesday which all I can say is Im so greatful to have gotten the weekend off and will take a Tuesday night game. The season is coming to close, in fact this is the last game of the season and were off to the playoffs.
Picture Thought:
I didn’t take one single picture this week. I was pretty much down for the count and that’s my excuse. I take that back I DID take pics with my phone. I’ve been working on a top secret Halloween costume project.

Just wait til you see the apps on this puppy. 🙂


One thought on “Day Book 10-23

  1. Good luck with your classes. I like the picture you chose as the background for your website for class. 🙂 We have not really done much decorating Halloween-wise though I did buy a halloween-themed wreath for the front door. We are planning to decorate some pumpkins this weekend.

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