Day Book On a Wednesday? Why Not

Outside My Window: We’re in for a freeze warning tonight. Time to break out the sweaters. Though at this point Im burning and freezing at the same time. Fun times!

I Am Hearing: Mythbusters and some other movie the hubs is watching on the laptop at one point I was also trying to listen to my online tutorials. Alot of audio overload going on.

I Am Thinking: A lot actually. I finally crossed a huge hurdle of setting up my class web page and uploading a file to the site. Sounds all well and good in most normal cases. What was something that was relatively simple, the instructor made very difficult with a gagillion videos and confusing instructions. This semester is going to be far from easy, it’s going to be nothing like the classes I did in year 1. I admit Im a little skeered. This also means my time is beyond limited. The workload for these 2 classes -Video Editing and Web Design is unreal it really will feel like 3 plus classes in 2.

I Am Hoping: I actually set up the file/site according to what she wanted. Gulp. (Can you tell I’ve got a lot on my mind?) Im also hoping to kick this cold to the curb. My throat is actually ok the cold/sinus thing not so much.

Plans For The Week: Considering the week is pretty much over… the boys do start fall break tomorrow. Not that that means a heck of a lot. Once I really start going with my little site for school I will show you my progress via the website. How fancy is that? Ooh la la.

Picture Thought: I’ve barely even picked up the camera this week. I do have homecoming pics and well … Have you ever tried to give a cat a bath not overly pleasant and the cat for one really hates it. The same could be similar for a 7 year old to escort a girl all of 10 feet and pause 2 seconds for a picture.
That’s as good as it gets.
All I can say is I hope him and this little girl still know each in about 7-8 years in high school. 🙂


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