October 16 1992

This is a little birthday post for one of the most awesome people I’ve known for like 20 something years..which sounds like forever and really old and we aren’t that old. She knows who she is.

S you may recall 18 years ago (yes I did the math) we as in the fabulous 4/5 of us (give or take) threw you a little surprise party. I just wanted you to understand the difficulties we had in getting a surprise party together for you. Oh yes it’s all documented. 🙂 It went a little something like this

“Today we had a big surprise party for S. I guess she was really surprised as we really went all out (you know for a 14-15 year’s old budget) We had streamers and balloons. (again 15 year old all out budget) Let me start from the beginning…
Yesterday C, L and I went to Eckerd’s to get S her balloons. We then took C to her brother’s game and then L and I went to Celebrations for her other balloons. ( I spared no detail when I wrote in my journals) When we made it back to Choctaw we decided to get a movie and just as we were pulling out of the parking spot S and her Dad drove up right at that moment. (small town and perfect timing not a good combo when planning surprises) So of course they pull over to talk. So Im sitting there telling L to hide the balloons (yes helium balloons…not something easy to hide). I get out of the car to avoid to much of the surprise being ruined and we start talking and she’s like; “well where have you been all day, I been trying to call you to go play tennis with me?” ( the days before cell phones my friends we didn’t need them at 15 then) Do you want to come play tennis now? Im trying really hard to think on my feet and mention that I got this movie and really want to see it and maybe next time. Im totally trying to blow S off so that I can get home and get the party ready. This is something I NEVER DO, so I wasn’t very good at it. Somehow she buys my lame story and I end up at L’s house to make and decorate the cake (Im sure it was lovely…I’ve seen our cake wrecks of yester year). So while we’re getting ready to make the frosting S calls and L is mouthing to me that S is on the phone and what are we going to do? L of course hands the phone to me because she’s my best friend and she doesn’t want to handle it. I start talking to S and she says she’s really bored and wants to know if we need company. In other words she’s dying to come over and if we say no she’ll probably show up anyway. I finally have to blatantly tell her no she can’t come over. She’s asking Why and I didn’t really have a reason why. This part of the plan we didn’t think quite through. I have to tell my best friend that she can’t come over and I felt awful about it. She calls C and tells her that L and I hate her and it’s her birthday and they act like they completely forgot and now C has to play the Im sorry they hate you for no reason card.
Once we finally get the cake and decor ready and the more guests arrived, I finally call her to tell her we can play tennis now and that I had a lot of chores to do before I could leave. Everyone else is at the house at this point and she still doesn’t suspect anything. I tell her we have to head back to the house because I forgot something. I bring her in and everyone yells surprise. I think she was really surprised and we finally explained why we were acting so strange.”

That’s all I had really written. Thought you would get a tickle from it.
Happy Birthday S and many more!


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