I’ve Put This Off Long Enough…

Time has not been on my side lately (what else is new?) I mentioned non chalantly about my awesome husband surprising me with a “requested” cake wreck cake. If you have no idea what my obsession is with these crazy cakes visit the site. I suggest you start from the begining but that may take awhile. Basically Jen the hilarious hostess with the mostess scours the web for badly created decorated cakes made by “professionals”. She always puts a funny spin to the stories of why how the cakes turned out so bad but it all comes down to just bad decorating period.

Any who.. you may remember my hubs requested the baker wreck my cake (and a lovely cake it was indeed)
finding a unintentional wrecked cake is it’s own treasure hunt and he didn’t really feel like treasure hunting. I loved it and loved the thought that he made the effort to wreck it for me. It was awesome but still wasn’t quite the cherry on the top of it being unintentional.
The Friday before my birthday will probably go down as a write off kind of day. A lot of exciting plans went down the toilet and there was just one little disappointment after another. I kind of felt my co workers had forgotten me, even though I knew they didn’t because they were asking my birthday plans and knew I was going to be off on my birthday. It was just one of those things that we always did a little something for everyone’s birthday, yet they were skipping mine. I just “ass u me d” that they would do it that Friday before. Of course I came in Tuesday and they let me know they didn’t forget me but wanted to split the cake with the other co worker who also was having a birthday that week. (I know, insert foot and swallow)

Little did my co worker friends know, they had given me one of the best gifts ever by providing me and my coworker with this little beauty….
This my friends, is a textbook cake wreck. The color combo alone is enough to gag a clown. Not enough room on the cake? No problem we’ll just abbreviate. Oh..and we’ll use the biggest icing tube we got to really make it pop. Add a little extra pizzazz with giant sprinkles. No wreck is complete with out some curly ribbon.
Friends (am I saying friends like every other sentence? ), I almost wept with joy and admit I may have giggled like a school girl when I saw it. The best part was my clueless awesome co worker friends actually thought it was “pretty” and “colorful”. I didn’t have the heart to tell them why I was so delighted with this cake. Yes I think they were a little suspicious why I was overly excited about a cake. I think they may have been concerned when I asked co worker friend to take it’s picture and send it to me ( that was the week my phone went amiss)

I was going to submit it to cake wrecks but I felt it was my wreck and Im happy to share it here.


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