Day Book 10/9

Outside my Window: Sweet glorious rain. I hope it rains another couple of days. It’s not pouring down just a slow and steady stream. Lovely!

I Am Hearing: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. I was pretty sure I had seen the whole thing…but apparently not.
I Am Thinking: I enjoyed my week off of school. Im a little nervous/excited about this coming semester. Video Editing and Dreamweaver (yes I’ve been singing Dream Weaver all weekend) aka web site creating..CSS oh my! I am happy to report that all three classes will be core classes. woot!

I Am Hoping: Im just trying to be patient for the most part right now..sometimes that’s best.

Plans For The Week: Nothing major. It’s Del Loco Polo day on Tuesday at work. Yeah that probably means nothing to you. It’s really nothing but crazy chicken sandwich day in the deli and its free. Whoever said there’s no free lunch? Saturday is also the company picnic at Frontier City (theme frontierville but there’s rides and stuff). It’s all about work this week.

Picture Thought: I slacked on picture taking this week. Forgive me.
I did take another butterfly shoot this time focusing on some action packed butterly. It’s way harder than you think. Butterflies are actually pretty easy to take when landed, they stay for a good while easier than my dogs actually. The hard part is waiting for them to fly off or on and then getting them in a good shot while flying. I still never got what I wanted but I tried and will keep trying

Curious about where all these sunflowers and butterflies come from? Sure you are. The sunflowers cover the house. I love it but some may think I need to mow the roof. pffft on them. I literally sit among the sunflowers and just sit and wait which usually isn’t long at all. It’s probably one of my favorite places to hang right now. They love the sunflowers and since they are migrating this time of year they are everywhere among the sunflowers.

One more for good measure, because pretty still posing butters are also a good thing.


One thought on “Day Book 10/9

  1. Love the last pic and the 2nd action shot also – I am jealous, I want butterflies to hang around my house all day!

    Hmmm at Frontier City, do you have to plant corn and then harvest it? Cause I hear people like that, though it might not be as much fun if it requires more than mouse clicks. :O) Sounds like a fun week – free lunch! Woohoo!

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