Day Book 10/2/11

Outside My Window: The sun is shortly coming to a close. One and only thing I hate about fall…we lose the sun at a time I need it the most.

I Am Hearing: White And Nerdy. Weird Al supposedly is on tour and did a show for Comedy Central. Naturally we recorded it.

I Am Thinking: I am sooooo glad this semester is over..and that Im done with time to spare. Im going to fess up now that my math final was probably not pretty. It was timed and time was not on my side. Oh wells.

I Am Hoping: For a good week as usual. It will be a busy one as it’s homecoming week. Fun times.
Tomorrow I plan a little mini shopping trip with my mom. It’s her birthday too ya know. It will just be the two of us, should be nice even if it’s just a trip to Target.

The Weekend: Was nice. Friday ended up being not so great but Im over it and it’s in the past. I didn’t do a lot but felt loved and appreciated and what more can one ask? When your hubby takes you to your favorite place to eat and then pulls over on the road to let me take sunflower shots, then lets me have full control of the remote and buys me what originally was a “nice” cake and specifically asks the baker lady to wreck it, how much more awesome of a birthday does a girl need?

Picture Thought: Love my sunflowers


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