Day Book 9/26

Outside My Window: I can’t complain at all.

I Am Hearing: Elmo and Katy Perry… The hubs is playing the video. I have no answers to the happenings of this house.

I Am Thinking: Im a little sad and a little glad. It’s the last week of the semester, that means the last week of photography class. I feel I need more much more..maybe I just want more. I’m also glad because that means my math class will be over. Good riddance math, you really tried to take the steam out of my semester but I did not let that happen.

Last Week: Last week was portraits for the photo assignment. You know I was all over that like flies on honey, cause you know my portrait sessions with the boys. (of course you do). It’s funny how I can spontaneously think of a “theme” shoot for the boys on the fly but when Im told to do a shoot for a grade I went completely blank. I think I got a few fun random shots.

We also had to do a self portrait and be creative with the light. Since that is one part of the class that I really struggled with I thought outside/inside the box literally and used the fridge and the stove for lighting inspiration. My chidren have gotten to the point that when mom puts the camera in the fridge, she has a reason. Actually they just don’t question my madness anymore.

Im Hoping: For a good week. T minus 6 days until Im 30 something. I don’t have big plans but I did lay down the law that no boys allowed for my weekend. We’ve had gobs and gobs of boys over the past few weekends and the testosterone is getting to me. I’d secretly like to have a Twilight marathon and watch the movies again so Im ready for Breaking Dawn. Probably won’t happen.

Plans For The Week: Finish my finals. I have a “product” shoot, and I have to finish up a 7 page paper on the Foreclosure Crises in America along with a power point presentation, and lets see…I’m sure math will have something lame I have to do. gAh! Then there’s the other normal stuff like football and more football. A busy week for sure.
Picture Thought: One last shot theres those lashes…


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