The Crush

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while. Im trying to take this from Gameboy’s perspective in the first person. Just to clarify.

When we moved back to Oklahoma, I started 5th grade and it was my first year to ride the bus. This wasn’t anything overly exciting or note worthy. I just thought I’d mention it. We had assigned seats and I sat with a girl well call Hope.Somehow Hope and I struck up conversations over the school year and found we had a few things in common like reading and such. I actually didn’t mind riding the bus as it seemed we had a lot to talk about.
My 5th grade year flew by and that meant I was on to 6th grade…middle school. This meant I would be moving on to a different school time which meant an earlier bus to catch. I didnt really mind this to much, well getting up extra early wasnt thrilling. One thing I didn’t think about was that Hope was a grade behind me and that meant we wouldn be riding the bus together that year. I admit I may have kind of forgot about her with summer and new school adjustments and all.
6th grade also flew by and before I knew it and about the last week of school my precious baby brother brought home a note and delivered it to me. I thought he going to die of disgust. “Some girl on the bus wants me to give this to you” It was from Hope and it basically said “Can’t wait to see you next year” I admit I was a little blown away that she still remembered me and she would actually write me a note I may have even blushed. At this point I had really mentioned Hope to mom and dad because it was just one of those things that I didn’t think was that important. Mom made a big deal about it. “A girl wrote you a note, you have to write her back!” I wrote her back but it wasn’t earth shattering.
At this point school ended and it was onto summer. Again Hope kind of dropped down to the bottom of the list and it was onward to a summer of activities and football. Again it flew by way too fast and before I knew it it was back in the saddle of school. There was Hope on the bus just like old times.
I admit our friendship progressed and I learned even more about her and that she actually played Pokemon! I started mentioning her more to mom and dad and they were giving me a ribbing if I really liked her and maybe I should ask if I could call her. I felt I wanted to still be friends but I really did like her a lot and we have so much in common and who knows. I wasn’t in a big hurry and mom and dad respected that.

Hope is an amazing artist and I am just in awe with the things she can draw. I told dad that she was cute but I really liked her for just her and didn’t really matter about her looks. I think my mom may swooned and has gotten a little gushy about this whole Hope thing. The problem is I only see Hope on the bus. She’s still in a lower grade so don’t have any classes together and I rarely ever see her in passing. I was still getting a little pressure to get her number but I think I was nervous about asking. Im kind of new to this calling girls thing. I know we’d have stuff to talk about but I just wasn’t ready yet.

Then one day all of my plans kind of crashed before me. The bus route suddenly got changed up and Hope no longer rides my bus anymore. Poof just like that she’s gone. I know Im really bummed about it. She really was the first girl that I felt comfortable talking to and really thought if anything would be a great friend. Maybe I’ll run into her again someday soon. Who knows.


I will say that my heart broke a little. Im not sure why I loved this little crush story so much. She sounds like such a swoon worthy kind of girl…to write a note to “her boy” and yeah anxious to see him and all.  I still have hope…there’s always highschool. 🙂

P.S I’d like to blame you Jen for adding “swoon worthy” to my vocabulary. 😉


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