Day Book 9.18

Outside My Window: It’s A beautiful day in the neighborhood…

I Am Hearing: Football and children. That’s about all that happens around here on the weekends.

I Am Thinking: I have a lot more homework (not photography) to do and yet here I am procrastinating again. Im just over writing this same paper and math is all on probability and that my friends is one part of math I despise.
I had to do a photo essay for class this week. It was harder than it sounded. Im not thrilled with what I got. I did it on “The Big Game” problem was I got good shots of him getting ready for the game and then forgot the camera for the actual game. Luckily I got good shots from last weeks game and combined with some others I took. Gah still not my greatest assignment.

I am Hoping: For a possible opportunity to arise. No word on anything until there’s something. You know that game.

Plans For The Week: Im going to try to make it to an actual game of my oldests that he plays. He plays on weekdays (Tuesdays) at 5pm. Not a convienent time for a game for mom’s who work late and have to get another boy to practice. Last week they were stomping them so bad that they put him in as running back and he ran it for 3 yards. This from a boy who plays special teams and defense and has never touched the ball during a game much less tackled someone who had the ball. This was big stuff for him and Im sad I missed it. Even the “good players” came to my hubs and asked if they saw him run the ball.

Picture Thoughts: I mentioned on facebook that I love when accidents happen in photography. Can I just say Im still oogling on this and that the bee flying by was pure coincidence.


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