Day Book 9/11

Outside My Window: Can’t complain really. It’s been nice, it’s going to get a little warmer in a day or so and then drop to the 60s by Thursday.  Let’s see if I can bombard you with pictures while do this mmmm…k?

I Am Hearing: Jets Cowboys Football …speaking of which I need to check if Im still killing a certain friend of mine’s hubby in fantasy football.

I Am Thinking: Im done with homework for the week, which I guess is a good thing since I start all over again tomorrow (today). Please explain to my why I love this banana shot so much?
The photo assignment this week was “Thematic” which we could choose a theme to shoot. I went with Food-Texture. Spaghetti, not just for dinner…but centerpiece pretty too.

I Am Hoping: For a good week as usual. A vacation with a change of scenery would be nice but yeah that’s probably not going to happen for awhile. It’s been over a year since I’ve made a road trip out of my regular 30 mile radius. Im kinda itchin for one.

Weekend Recap: The youngest had a game and I couldn’t have been more proud, as I mentioned in the previous post.
The hubs and I had decided to allow the oldest to invite his good buddies for a sleepover and a trip to the big amusement park. All three boys won a 4 pack of tickets from the library. (It pays to do the summer reading programs) That makes 3 boys times 4 tickets equals 12 tickets. Needless to say we were going to make a day of it…today. It didn’t happen, un beknownst to us until all invited parties were here and accounted for did we find out it was closed today for 9/11. So were going to try and do this next week.

Plans For The Week: Football what else?

Picture Thoughts:
40 years and counting for these love birds.


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