I Think… Therefore I Meme

Im supposed to be writing a paper on the Foreclosure crises in America but Im thinking maybe if I “free write” it will help get the writing juices going, that or Im really putting it off. I also have a first crush story that I want to tell you, it’s about a boy of mine and it’s a good bitter sweet story. I want to jot it down for prosperity. Since I have all this time in the world to not do homework, why not?

1) Who is the last person you high-fived? Im pretty sure it was a 7 year old, after a great quarter he played today. The gnashing of teeth to drag him to practice each week and the questionable times I’ve wanted to simply drag him out and quit have payed off hopefully. I think he was just really really ready to play a game. He hung on to the coach like a leach to be at the ready to play. He got a good block in so the rb could make a good 15 yard play. We had to explain that he has a very important role in helping to clear the way for the rb,  even if he doesn’t think he’s really doing anything.

That’s him #90

2) If you were drafted into a war, would you survive. Uhm well I hope that I would get a good ton of training before just being drafted to war. I would do it though and not really think about certain consequences.  Lucky for me I don’t think I’ll have to worry about that. I do appreciate our troops a lot a lot! My hubby will go out of his way to thank a vet if he sees one, no matter what he’s doing or where he’s at.

3) Do you sleep with the TV on? Good story on that. My hubby does, he takes the ‘puter to bed with him and turns on “his show” he barely makes it 5 minutes in and he’s out like a light. The other night he brought it in and was downloading music at the same time so while the show was on so was each every ding to tell him his song was downloaded. Needless to say he got kicked out of bed for that one. (kidding sorta..maybe)

4) Have you ever drunk milk straight out of the carton? Guilty but we don’t buy cartons it’s more like gallons. It was a really long time ago and if it’s done it’s because it’s the very very last gulp and not enough to poor in a glass.

5) Have you ever won a spelling bee? Negative

6) Have you ever been stung by a bee? Stepped on a wasp that was dead…they still sting when they’re dead.

Inserting obligatory homework flower shot here

7) How fast can you type? Im not really sure. Not that fast honestly. Luckily I’ve never had to take a typing test for work.

8) Are you afraid of the dark? No

9) Eye color: Brown what’s yours?

10) Have you ever made out at a drive-in? I haven’t been to a drive in movie. I honestly at first didn’t think of drive in as movie but more like drive -in fast food like Sonic. I had a different answer for that one..ahem.
11) When was the last time you chose a bath over a shower? A very long time. Maybe if I had a fancy spa tub I would. Unless you count when I got in the tub to take pictures of the rubber ducky in the blue bubble bath. Oh the things I will do for a shot for photography homework. Just to clarify I didn’t actually take a bath just merely got in it to get the right angle I was looking for. (It wasn’t that great of a pic so I’ll spare you)

12) Do you knock on wood? I have yes.

13) Do you floss daily? Maybe not daily….hangs head in shame.

15) Can you hula hoop?
 Not the greatest but it has been done.
16) Are you good at keeping secrets? If it’s a surprise for someone and they try to drag it out of me, not so much. Otherwise yeah of course

17) What do you want for Christmas? An awesome lens something like this http://www.camerabigmall.com/detail/p_B001S2PPT0/Best-price-Nikon-35mm-f-1.8G-AF-S-DX-Lens-for-Nikon-Digital-SLR-Cameras-onsale.html. I’ve learned a few things about my particular camera one is it’s not as flexible with any lens. This one will auto focus for my body. I know, you were dying to know that. This one I’ve heard is just the perfect versatile lens for anything. There it is Santa.

18) Do you know the Muffin Man? Yeah we go way back,  he lives on Druiry Lane.

19) Do you talk in your sleep? I don’t think so.

20) Who wrote the book of love? I would say Jesus or atleast his disciples and prophets did. 🙂


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