Day Book 9/6

Outside My Window: We finally have broken out of our heating blanket that has trapped us for the last 60 days. 80 degrees never felt better!

I Am Hearing: Some cartoon on cartoon network. It’s all about doing much of nothing on this Labor Day. Im highly considering a photo shoot with some boys I know. They are really going to love it when I break out the white poster board as a light reflector. 😛

I Am Thinking: If I only dedicated as much time and effort into my other 2 classes as I do my photography class, Id always be on the Deans List, sadly I just can’t make that kind of committment to college algebra. I will also admit that my writing class is also suffering. Since I’m confessing my lack of studious sins… I’ve never been one to be so last-minute finishing a paper like I did this last one and that was just the preliminary outline, proposal stuff. (probably the lamest outline and least prepared I’ve ever been)

I Am Hoping: That we never see 100 plus days again this year.

Plans For The Week: Football and more football. Tis The Season

Picture Thoughts: I needed desperate inspiration for my color photography assignment, something you would think would be easier and fun to do was actually pretty challenging. Since Im not one to color in the lines so to speak, I really wanted something different. My awesome suggestions on facebook I felt was stuff I’d pretty much already done. No offense to those who made suggestions. 🙂

I was in a lack luster slump around the house for inspiration. Luckily my work buddies had made plans for a gathering at the Melting Pot downtown. Which was a perfect day for fondu and a walk around downtown.

 Mmmm strawberry lemonade
 This is my work buddy…she  brings out the mischievous onry in  me.

 Just for fun…this is the kind of random object color combination I was thinking. Please don’t look at the brown crumb at the bottom left, it’s driving me crazy and is screaming at me to cover it in photoshop.


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