Daybook 8 29 11

Outside My Window: I wont mention the heat because I know it will be like nails on a chalkboard. It was pretty tolerable this evening at the ol fb field. It’s my 2nd home ya know.

Well…that’s just dandy. I was mid post on this and one mis stroke and bye bye post. You didn’t want to hear my complaints on the heat and broadening my horizons anyway. More on that when the time comes. So moving on….

Plans For the Week: The oldest has his first game you say today I say tomorrow whichever works for you. (Have I lost my mind yet?) This the big middle school leagues. I haven’t really got to watch him play but one practice, so we’ll see how that goes. The assignment this week for photography class is all about color -monos, polys, soft color all that fun stuff. Im looking forward to it.

The Weekend: I normally don’t mention much about the weekends cause it’s usually about as exciting as paint drying but this weekend we did our draft via text which was different and quite an experience. Thanks S for the invite. Punky’s Brewsters are ready except for week 11 but we’ll worry about that when it gets here. Am I rambling?

Photo Thoughts: Would you believe I didn’t take a single pic this week. We didn’t have a photo shoot assigment. I know I may have pouted a little. My professor is finally coming around and has given me these words of encouragement (yes I copied it from my critique…yes Im a nerd and yes I aim to please the prof.)

Jean. Well done! These are a whole lot of fun. You have quite the eye for balance and capture ‘real’ energy behind your it kids, raspberry’s or a thunderstorm. Impressive collection. You say ‘you have a good grasp’ on the techniques and I agree. I think you know the areas you want to try and improve on so press ahead full. I will issue this challenge. Use this class to shoot some things that you do not normally shoot..get outside your comfort zone..find the challenges. You will be better for it. Since you are already strong with the skill that kind of challenge could be a lot of fun. Thanks for your hard work. Keep shooting!!

I also love the other students reviews. You know I love it when I take a shot that makes them question how in the heck did you do that, what in the world? and why? Pics to come this week for shore!


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