Day Book 8/22

Outside My Window: For just barely reaching 100 today it was bearable. I think we’ve come to the point that anything below 103 is actually not too bad. Sad I know.

I Am Hearing: If I Ever Fall In Love Again by Boys 2 Men. Im not sure why, it’s the hubs. He can do what he wants it’s his birthday. I normally would throw up a birthday post (not literally…) and there ya go but I have been crazy busy this past weekend.

I Am Thinking: My boys head off to school to tomorrow and that means a big monkey wrench thrown in the schedule. Im going to have to go in late to the office to be sure everyone gets on the bus since the youngest doesn’t start until 9 and the bus comes around 8 ugh. It will all work out I suppose.

I Am Hoping: I get homework done in a timely manner this week. Last week it was all about lighting. You would think that would be crazy fun, it was, but it was a lot of work. Personally Im a natural light kind of girl and dont dig the flash the at all. So I had to go outside my comfort zone and dang it was hard. I wasn’t overly ecstatic about my pics. But I learned I think. It’s just a manner of cramming it all in my head and using it.

Plans For The Week: Get in the groove of schedule adjustments and of course football practice and homework of course. If anyone know a “famous” photographer I can do a project/report on please do tell. It doesn’t have to be famous famous. I was considering P.W. as she’s been my inspiration in all things blogging, photography and whatnot.

Picture Thoughts: You saw by Bella pic which I love when that kind of thing just happens. Here’s my two middle schoolers. You guys haven’t seen much of them around on the blog.


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