Out With The Old In With The New

So today was schedule pick up day at the new school. Let’s just say I felt like I was an incoming freshman at college going through all the different lines and being totally lost going this way that or the other dragging my brood along with me. I will say that the brood came in quite handy when I would be in one line to sign off on shot records and I would send them to the next line so that by the time I was done with one they were at the front of the other. I think when I got to that particular line someone sighed at me. Hey I wasn’t cutting, my kids waited their turn like everyone else. I was just a little more creative with my line tactics.

I know what your saying… Why are you posting about something blasa blah as schedule pick up? Well it’s a brand spankin new school and they bull dozed down what was MY JR HIGH…which is now MIDDLE SCHOOL. I wanted to share with my CJHS alumni. Plus Facebooks picture uploader is being cranky.
You see the front where the trucks and dirt are? That was the old school. Sniff.. good times…good times….
I have to say the school inside is just unreal, the fact that it’s just a “middle school” is what gets me. I think the bathrooms had tile that looked like marble that’s all Im sayin. It’s huge but at the same time every grade has it’s own section and the classes are just steps from each other except PE but yeah that’s always a given. I would have taken more inside pics but I was juggling tons of paperwork, plus trying to get a certain boy’s locker to open and juggling 3 cranky boys who were tired of standing in line after line and I think the oldest was embarrassed mom had the camera out and we were inside a classroom taking pictures. “Hurry up mom before a teacher comes”.

I will also say something for the record. The first line we went to was Mr Hessman.. coach Hessman was doing electric bill checks. Coach Hessman started there the first year I was in Jr. High or just right before. He was fresh out of college and all the girls swooned on him. I am now a little freaked out because coach Hessman is easily my husband’s age or just a couple of years older and hello… has gotten that distinguished look about him, in other words he’s aged gracefully. I know it’s a little freaky that my Jr High math teacher could easily be my husband. He may have had a small glimmer of recognition on his face but yeah Im pretty sure he didn’t know me from Adam and I wasn’t going to mention anything, cause I would hate to make him feel really old when he’s really not.

Can I also say that back in my day circa 1991 we did not have a special line for a la carte ice cream or slushies?


2 thoughts on “Out With The Old In With The New

  1. Can I just say that these pictures are kind of gorgeous? Like is it weird that I’m swooning a little over a construction site and a classroom snapshot? But I totally am – love the colors and crispness and composition – and the pattern of the chairs & tables with the walls and then the perspective from the door…. I could go on.

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