Day Book 8 14

(totally random me playing with the timer)

Outside My Window: Is a lovely orange full-moon. I got so excited seeing the moon while returning the red box movie, that I pulled over to take a shot…assuming I had the camera in my bag. Not so much. I’ve pretty much been taking the camera everywhere including work cause you just never know, ya know?

I am hearing: the lovely sounds of online gaming.
I am thinking: Im a little bit miffed about my photography class. The first assignment shows I got an A but the instructor basically only gave me negative feedback. This confuses me if I get an A on an assigment, than at least give me some positive feedback. I feel like an Idol tryout singer- I’ve gone all this time hearing Im good(sorta maybe) and then I hear from Simon I’ve got no tone. I checked the other students photos and let’s just say I feel I use the camera and function a heck of a lot more creatively than they do. Not that Im bragging or anything.

I am hoping: We’ve had a few football snafus over the last week or so. Let’s just say were having some issues with the coaches coaching philosophy. Long story short my poor mother is the primary handler of the oldest’s football practices and it’s been difficult to get full understanding and communication of what’s going on. Not my mothers fault at all. Hopefully the hubs will finally get things squared away in the morning. Cause this a man’s show and it best if he handle it.

Plans For The Week: It’s going to be an interesting week with football practice, football scrimage and schedule pick up time all on the same day of course. Good thing Im taking a mini vacation at the end of the week to get a lot done.

Picture Thoughts: I have been taking pics like a mad nelly this week. I’m almost tired but only tired enough that it’s done for this week and I’m ready for next weeks assignment. I really do love it despite my instructor. I’m liking this one a lot. Sshh…dont tell anyone but I used a bunch that I had taken over the past couple of months. Everything is so dead around here that not much was inspiring. Im hoping to get more kid photos in the next week or so particularly those in football variety.


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