Homework Time!

I just want to say that for the record; I am loving my photography class so much that I literally lay in bed at night contemplating my homework assignment, that sleep is sometimes the last thing on my mind. I get to work anxious for the time before football practice and dark to take pictures.
Im trying to sort out this weeks assignments which is always our interpretation of various categories. The hard part is there are so many variables, like one picture could be emphasis but it also could be linear or shapes or whatever. That’s kind of the part Im having trouble with. Here’s a few I took today.

 This Im going with emphasis

This is one that could be a lot of things… unity, or rhythm or pattern. See how this can be hard?

Im thinking maybe lines for this one. Oh lookie it’s the hubby’s mid life crisis car. Isn’t she cute? It’s a she for sure no matter what the hubs says.

Here’s the list.

•Texture (check-fuzzy sunflower


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