Day Book 8/7

Outside My Window: A glorious cool down my friends. When you’ve had 105 plus temps for a week straight, 84 degrees feels down right chilly and the rain.. thank the good Lord for the rain. It’s not enough by far, but it sure was wonderful to have a non hundred degree day.

I Am Hearing: Some kids playing on the computer and TV. The hubs is watching the season finale of Falling Skies, the problem is he has never even seen one episode. How does that work?

I Am Thinking: This week is the full kick off of practices for both kids. Last week the youngest got off with only a day since the heat was too extreme even at 7pm. It’s going to be interesting on how I figure out how to be in two different places at once.

I AM Hoping: For a much cooler week, which the weather man has predicted. We’ll see. It probably won’t last.
We are locked and loaded for school but it doesn’t start for another 2 weeks. Oh well.

Plans For The Week: There’s that football thing going and not much else really. Homework of course. It’s amazing how math is just like riding a bicycle, it’s just kind of coming naturally. It’s only the 1st week of course but still. I even had the future 7th grader helping with me. I figured he should know how to find the lowest common denominator and order of operations. Looks like I maybe having him do mini homework sessions with me.

Picture Thoughts: I know you’re waiting on homework pics. I’m one of those strange people who love to just do my thing with out specific instruction usually, so for some reason this homework was more challenging than I expected. It was a good challenge though. We had to do of home, family, passion, hobby, and neighborhood.

I realize it’s not an actual picture of the house…but it is the view from the house. It’s all the same.
Im trying to think outside of the box of a standard “pose the kids for a portrait shot”.

I felt passion and hobbies kind of went hand in hand, so I used my text books for it in a different light/setting. These few were my faves. The basic idea was to understand the basics like aperature, shutter speed and ISO. I just love that I now have a photography text book that I can read the concepts and it’s there for me to grab. Before I was searching the net, which kind of became overwhelming. I can’t wait for next weeks assignment.


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