A Poast! ..I Mean Post

I have no real concrete thing to say and figured a random posting of ramblings is right up my alley, just for old times sake. Cause sometimes one can over crowd facebook with too many useless thoughts. Good thing I have a blog to fill that void of excessive random.

-I feel officially dubbed Sno Cone Queen of facebook. Im thinking of changing my name on facebook to that (not really). When someone you went to high school with and had a couple of classes with but didn’t really consider a friend friend (you hardly know), but your friends on facebook (you have one of those “friends” right?) tags you in her post about sno cones. I think the name can be official.
-I am squeeling with delight that this coming semester is my digital photogrpahy class. It makes taking math that much easier of a bitter pill to swallow. My transcript issues still haven’t ironed out yet…but I’m ok with that for now. So kids, looks like momma’s gonna have lots of homework pics to post. -Im directing that at “YOU” kids not specifically “MY” kids. Just so we’re clear.
-Speaking of Kids…have you heard of this crazy fad on facebook about planking and owling? Basically “kids” post pics of themselves lying flat as a board on random surfaces or pose like an owl and post it to fb? I hadn’t heard of it before…because my friends are old and decrepid and don’t do weird stuff like that. For that Im thankful. Anywho…supposedly the planking is a bit “racist” according to co-worker who sounds like Bruno Marrs (which is a highly reliable source…maybe not) and says that planking came from when they shipped slaves on ships. They would make them lie flat as a board and chained to get more people in the ship or something like that. The more you know. By the way the hubs states that he will never take my pic of me owling.. ever. So don’t think you’ll ever see something that random from me. Then again one never knows.

-The summer is coming to a dwindling hault like a clogged drain in a bathtub…I should say summer break is coming to a hault….the summer heat not so much. I’m sure when it’s 72 degrees in November, that it will feel like it’s freezing. Did you know that acording to some list, my city is number 2 on the list of hottest cities with 30 plus days of a hundred plus degree days? I know! Lubbock TX is the first for those who needed to know.

I think that’s enough rambling for now.


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