Day Book 7. 24

Outside My Window: There was some hopeful glimmer of a chance of rain but I think the northwestern part of the state hogged it all. Hopfully some farmers got at least a small good dousing. It just hurts my heart to see a withered up crop of wheat gone to waste.

I Am Hearing: Kelly Clarkson-Just A Walk A Way. I focus better with the tunes in my ears… I get it from work I guess. Have I mentioned my brain functionality is going to pot? Either my ADD (Im sure I at least have a small case of it) is really bad or Im fading into some dismal fog. Hi! I haven’t blogged much, but let me go ahead and subliminally send out my mental anxiety in this meme.

I Am Thinking: This semester is over. I enjoyed it for the most part and am curious what classes are next as I’ve completed the majority of Adobes fine products for classes.

I Am Hoping: I have this strange opportunity that I’m pretty sure some one from high above is sending run way light signals for me to act on. Im not even going to be vague about it because what do I have to lose? I only feel I have an opportunity to gain. So here’s the deal…ready for a mini post in a post?
You guys know that I’ve scoured the want ads in the paper, since what felt like the begining of time right? I still tend to have that habit. A few months ago there was an ad for a Marketing Administrative assistant. Interesting. They needed someone proficient with Microsoft’s wonderful products (check), Familiar with Adobe’s products (check), and photoshop (check for the most part). Here’s the kicker, this ad has an image of a Genie surrounding it. Odd… cause most ads if not all of the ads have zero images (extra moolah). I blew it off cause change frightens me and I didn’t feel like it was time. Plus Im really in a cushy place with flexibility and all that good stuff. WELL it appeared again a few weeks ago. Again I chickened out. Folks, the same ad is there again today. Im thinking 3 strikes Im out and shame on me if I don’t at least send my cover letter and give it a whirl. So that’s what I’m going to do. Craziness! I promise to keep you posted cause yeah…
Plans For The Week:
Football… and that’s pretty much about it. Im telling you it’s enough excitement to set someone over the edge.
Picture Thoughts: I released some pictures that were trapped in the camera from a weeks ago. Shame on me. I need a new photoshoot but sadly am bored with taking pics of the boys. Shame on me.

Im not sure why I like this picture but I really do. The bossy 7yr old was trying to be “funny” by putting his card in front of the camera to block my view. Needless to say, he was surpsied that I wanted him to keep it there. 🙂


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