Day Book 7/18

Outside My Window: It’s late, it’s hot, and my garden is dead Dave..the garden is dead. It was good experiment to say the least but trying to keep it from frying on a daily basis became impossible. Im just proud of the hubs for seeing it through for the most part.

I Am Hearing: It’s pretty quiet at this point..dogs are eager to go out since I’ve messed up their nightly schedule.

I Am Thinking: We’re getting to that (dreaded) point where football season is about to begin. This means late practices, dealing with the heat, and complaining children. Awww..the love of football. I think since we’re no longer rookies this year we know what to expect.

I am Hoping: A hot shower will quelch my aches and pains of sitting on hard bleachers for 2 hours. Thank goodness we were facing away from the sun and in the shade. (I admit Im complaining a lot but I’m a wus when it comes to the heat…2 years of living out of Texas heat will spoil you.)

Plans For The Week: Football camp and more football camp. It will be my home away from home, which home will be more of a place to eat and sleep and that’s about it. I also have a big final to turn in this week. I’d like to show it but the formating is in .pdf and I’m sure that WordPress doesn’t play that. It’s really cute so far it’s a “magazine” spread about the new baby elephant. Working for the marketing department at the zoo would be awesome..just sayin. Can you believe I’ve already finished another semester?! Mind you all my semesters are broken into 9 week sessions..but still. It will be back to a full load in a few weeks.

Picture Thought: Can you believe I didn’t even pick up the camera this weekend, nor did I take it to practice? I did get a few shots on my phone while the boss slurped a sno cone…


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