A Post On A Thursday…I Know!

I feel like I don’t mention much about the boys here lately (admits I don’t mention much of anything Monday-Sunday) thing is they’ve been at grandma’s more this summer than home. It’s nice but I do miss the lil devils too.
I also really need to blog more. It’s actually gotten “hard” to put structured sentences together anymore and I don’t want to lose that loving feeling.

I thought I’d just break down a random listing of their doings in case you were interested…pretend to be interested.

Game Boy: Has been beefing up in football camp most of the summer. It’s actually freaking me out a little that my boy is not the scrawny little boy anymore but becoming..nope not gonna say the “M” word, preteen boy is more like it. He’s really been working the weights and eating us out of house of and home which I guess is good. Im a little stressed about this middle school football business cause it is all business. Next month is going to be crazy interesting, let’s just put it that way.
He’s also really picked up on the swimming lessons and become a lot more confident. The girls are going to swoon on him this year I can just feel it.

Wonder Boy: He’s been doing the summer school “special” thing. I’m a big proponet of year around school..I’m sure some teachers and children would groan on this. I just think they forget a lot over 3 months and it takes almost that time to get things back to speed. He’s also very much into Wipeout and still wanting to be famous. He’s kind of gotten over MJ in the sense he doesn’t play/ or dance as much anymore. That could primarily be that he hasn’t been home enough to play it. He’s headed to the new middle school with big brother. I’m a little nervous about sending him off to the wolves so to speak but he’ll be fine he is not shy.

Bossy Boy: He is still living up to his name and doing it in spades. The things he says and thinks just befuddles me that he’s only 7. He is very money conscious and carries his daddies old wallet with his birthday money in it. He carries it EVERYWHERE! He’s probably more responsible about his wallet than any person I’ve ever known. Oh and if you want to borrow money from him for sno cones you better be darn sure you pay him back like that very instant you pull up to the window. I thought I was literally going to have to drive off and hit the ATM. The kid was in hysterics. He will be the one to keep tabs on his borrowers as well as interest.

Im also trying to get him on a better reading regimine of chapter books over graphic novels. He wants to start Harry Potter like right now. I’ve tried to tell him that it’s not something you tackle over night at 7 you work your way up with the stuff his age. Yeah he’s not buying it. He is a piece of work to say the least.
I so would have posted pics along with their blurb but it’s late and I really don’t have anything new and I have to get up REALLY early to make banana pudding (long story)….


3 thoughts on “A Post On A Thursday…I Know!

  1. Love these updates! Crazy to think how old your boys are getting (and how long I’ve been reading that this is possible!)
    I especially love the Bossy Boy update. And I say, hey, if he wants to read Harry Potter maybe you should let him… and let him decide if he’s up for it.

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