Day Book 7/10

Outside My Window:  It’s been hot as usual. Tell me something else new.

I Am Hearing: We’ve been watching the Indy Jones Marathon all day and now were watching National Treasure, therefore that’s what I’m hearing. Blah.

I Am Thinking: I’m kinda hungry for something substantial we’ve just been grazing all day cuz momma has lots of homework. Priorities ya know.

I Am Hoping: For a fairly good week I guess. (What a blah post)

Plans For The Week: Let’s see the work place is bringing in a sno cone truck which makes me giddy on all counts. Is it sad that I plan to have my best co-worker buddy take my pic with work sno cone. Cause everyone knows the best snow cones are free snow cones and eaten at the work place. Again it takes very little to thrill me. Very Little.

Picture Thoughts: Lets see what I can dig up that I didn’t post on the 4th.

He literally squashed poor little chick as I took the pic. For some reason I like it.
Because creating collages of myself popping fireworks in front of my face amuses me.


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