Day Book 7/6 Better Late Than Never

Outside My Window: A mess of the aftermath of fireworks outside. I know I know….it’s hot though. (poor excuse)
*Here she goes with those silly from the camera point of view shots*

I Am Hearing: The TV. It’s been quiet a lot here lately The kids have pretty much made camp at grandmas for most of the summer. They have certainly kept my mother busy if anything else.

I Am Thinking: Im feeling better the hubs and I both accuired some kind of stomach bug. The hubs worse than I but he still muddled to work…cause at this point in the game he would have to be on his death bed to not go in. I’m a wus and stayed home today which was good because along with my issues I had a major headache. I admit it was nice to nap and watch daytime tv in between.

Im also thinking the bloggy/internet break was a very good thing. (what, you didn’t even know I was gone? figures.) Im thinking of doing it more often. I know what your saying you barely blog, but Im on facebook way more than is needed. Really.

I Am Hoping: To finally get a trip up to Tulsie town to visit some folks. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

Plans For The Week: Homework- I mentioned my Indesign class which Im enjoying a lot. Im also loving that I’m only taking one class. It’s completely helped my sanity. Im stressing about next semester because it’s going to be a full load again and we’ll be deep in football season, which is a full time job in itself.

Picture Thoughts: I tried to get some awesome shots of the fireworks surrounding our house. I even got up on the house for a better view…which wasn’t much of one due to all the trees. Nightime/Fireworks photography is probably my biggest weakness. I suck at it period. I haven’t done as much reading on it but I really need to cause I’ve tried everything and
yeah, that’s probably more than you needed to know. )Yeah I may frame that one….
Heres the center piece. It’s amazing how much one gets done taking a Internet break.
 Mmmm… fruit. I would disclose the faces my hubs got of me doing this pull string popper thingy but that may be a post for another time.


2 thoughts on “Day Book 7/6 Better Late Than Never

  1. I was wondering where you had run off to! Glad you had a nice internet vaycay, they are a good thing to do!

    I found the only way I could get any pictures of fireworks was to switch it into manual mode, including manual focus – no flash. And then press the button like every second and take 200 pictures – haha – and my results were still only so-so, so…. yeah

  2. Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on here! First off, I LOVE the header…nice work! The pics are awesome, as always! So excited for you and the new car! And a little jealous! I love new cars! Hope to see you soon!

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