Much Ado About Nothing

About? Nothing Really…

Uhm I made a new header that I can’t stop staring at. Yes I have issues. It’s not that Im so conceited with myself that I stare at my “art” but more so to study it to see what’s wrong with it and what can I fix on it and then re upload it for the twentieth time. Yes I’ve probably fixed it at least 5 times. Yes I feel like there’s too much white space in between the W and M circles. Yeah anyway….

I love my car and need to take a pic of it just for prosperity purposes. It’s not per say a mom mobile which I like. I probably already mentioned that.

I keep thinking that I really need to start doing more cohesive posts because welcome to the lameville blog. I know the few and far between of you who still stick around understand, I don’t do much comprehensive compositions anymore, unless it’s for a grade. Shoot, Im not even profound or entertaining on facebook anymore. Sad sad times. I need to make a list of sorts.

I will say that I’ve really become interested in Indesign (the program/class Im taking) and how the whole magazine layout thing works. It would be a pretty neat gig to do, I think.


One thought on “Much Ado About Nothing

  1. I really like your header, I think we should all collectively stare at it and think happy thoughts about how good it is!

    I don’t blame you for the lack of cohesive posts – between work and school and kids and family and stuff, I’m sure you are quite spent!

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