Day Book 6/19

Can you believe June is almost over? Wowza!

Outside My Window: Is the hubby’s shiny new car. He’s so proud of it. You may wonder why it’s not in the garage..cause it just isn’t for now.

I Am Hearing: Just hearing one little boy make little boy sounds while playing with his toys. Nothing could be sweeter than that. In case your following the play by play on the tooth situation no tooth lost yet. I’ll be sure to break in on any important updates on the tooth. I have a feeling the tooth fairy may have to make her visit at grandma’s.

I Am Hoping: I’m feeling pretty content for now. Hoping for some rain and cooler weather sometime soon. No holding breath on that one.

I Am Thinking: I really am loving my new little ride. It’s just so darn cute and petite and I’m still trying to think of a name for her.

Plans For The Week: The oldest is back to football camp, the middle is doing his summer school, and they all do swim lessons at night. Busy Busy Bees…I am so greatful for my awesome kid taxi driver, summer camp counselor, and everything in between of a mom. I could not do it with out you mom!

As for the hubs and I not a heck of a lot. I was planning to make 40 clove garlic chicken in the crockpot but I think we’re good on chicken for awhile since the hubs must have bought 30 pieces of chicken for father’s day lunch.

A Few Picture Thoughts: I took the kids to the sprinkler park. I picked the perfect time of around 530-630 which there was basically no one there and the temps were tolerable enough to sit with out melting and the wind was strong enough to give a me a good mist. Of course as always I snapped a dozen or twenty pics.
My favorite thing here recently is to just set the camera on a flat surface and let the camera shoot from it’s own point of view. This may be my new genre of photo taking.
I did take some pics of the boys splashing about but you know what? They pretty much looked the same as last years. Nothing really popped for me. This one worked though.


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