A Few Things…

I could have added this to Daybook but it probably needs a post of it’s own. Not that it’s earth shattering or anything but then maybe it is. The hubs and I “bought” us each a new car. I know we’re crazy like that. It has been noted in the past that we are notorious for doing this. No we didn’t win the lottery, no the hubs doesn’t make lots and lots of g’s a year but…..
With the crazy gas prices and the guzzlers that we had for vehicles and the distance that both of us have to travel for work..the vehicle payments easily pay the gas alone a month.
We scaled down in size on my vehicle, though it’s still an SUV it’s smaller which is really what I wanted. As much as we need a mini van for three boys plus everyone else..it’s hard to manuever around and causes me a small inkling of stress. Not that that’s a reason to buy a car but yeah.
Any who we both are tickled with the deals we got with the awesome warranty and interest and all that jazz, we hope it all will be worth it.
The hubs got his “sporty” little car that really isn’t sporty but looks it. The Hyndai Tiburon is his. We plan to keep it around for a certain boy that will be 16 in 4 years (gulp). He will have to learn to drive a standard but we feel that’s important (plus we think this way his friends won’t know how to drive it). I was impressed with the safety features of the car with the whole side airbags and the engine drops to a secret compartment or something when in a crash. Yes it’s cute and small. I can’t drive it…but that’s ok (I can’t do a standard either). I told the hubs it’s name should be Tiny Tim but for some reason that didn’t fly.
My car is also 4 star safety rated and the whole 9 yards. It’s a Tuscon and I think it fits me just fine. Yes it is on the smaller side of the SUVs and the boys still fit fairly comfortably in it. We still have Brutus our big boy winter vehicle that fits everyone in case we need to pack in more people but for the fairly short trips we make with the whole family the little Tuscon works just fine.
No I haven’t taken pictures yet… their both silver if that means anything to anyone. Glad we got all that cleared up.


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