Just Another Manic Monday

If you read my facebook post about downed power lines and moldy oranges…yeah I like to be elusive like that. It gives me a mysterious way about me. That is what I pretend anyway. I atleast got my neighbor so curious that she came outside when I was out pulling weeds from the garden to inquire, she’s my friend on facebook too. Hi Deb! (Not that she reads the blog…but her daughter does..uh huh..I know your out there L) P.S. the garden is looking pretty good. I admit I had my doubts. Pictures to come soon.

Anywho…. so our office has been notorious for getting power surges every other week or so. Lucky or unlucky for us we have generators. They’ve learned from massive ice storms to get huge generators. Today was another power short day except this time the lines actually went down and were on cars in the parking lot and near the building and it was chaos for the rest of the afternoon. People who were “in the zone” were instructed to have someone come get them or the office would call them a cab. Oh yes it was mayhem. They sent a security map of “the zone” and lucky for me I was two parking spots out of “the zone” ( it sometimes pays to be a touch later than normal for work-I so would have been in the zone if not). It was a lot of hoopla and upper management had to escort those who could leave to their cars, while the other poor souls had to wait a sweet forever for them to finally turn off the power and remove the lines from the road and cars.
If you stick around long enough at our company something halfway exciting is bound to happen…lunch theives, popcorn burners (which we’ve now been banned from popping corn) and wait for it…smoking in the bathroom. We’ve hired a plethora of new people over the past few weeks and a few started today and you know what? Those few were the ones that had power lines fall on their cars. That’s just our way of saying Welcome To The company! Can you imagine your first day on the job ends with that? …Think I’ll come a little extra early on my first day of work..ooh lucky me a up close parking spot…

Oh and the moldy oranges? My co-worker completely forgot she had oranges in her desk drawer from our health fair from a month or so ago. She was proudly showing me her snack stash and couldn’t see the oranges in the back. I had to bring it up cause I knew they had been in there awhile. So long so that when she grabbed it, dusty mold started flying everywhere. Needless to say we busted a gut on that one. It doesn’t take much to entertain us.

That as they say is the rest of the story.


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