Day Book 6/5

Outside My Window: Sunny and very hot. It’s only the begining of summer.

I Am Hearing: I’m in the midst of young testosterone with the Yu Gio battle of the century. They have given up trying to teach me to play. Fusions, life points, and summons are not part of my brain functioning. Im ok with that. I need a girls night out.

I Am Thinking: I need a girls night out…oh wait. I’m also thinking this football summer camp is going to send me to the edge and Im not even the one doing it. It’s going to be an all football all of the time kind of summer. Hold me and Calgon take me away.

I Am Hoping: We can hang in there for another week and a half. That’s all really.

Weekend Plans: We had a low key birthday for the Boss. We’re trying to do everything on the cheap side at this time and then make up for it once we finally are in the clear. Luckily the work place was giving tickets to a kids day at our minor league park. Even though we aren’t baseball fans it was free including snacks.
Running bases…fun for everyone!
We also stopped at the OKC National Memorial because I’m doing an Indesign project for class and needed a picture. Sure I could have borrowed one for the web but what’s the fun in that?
It really is something profound to see.
We didn’t take long since we had other “birthday plans” which were ruined because our town hasn’t or didn’t open the sprinkler park Saturday. It’s free as well and was a big disappointment. I didn’t get any RSVP’s for Bossy’s party so no one may have showed anyway. There were several notes on the gate stating certain parties had been moved elsewhere. We settled for eating chicken and playing in the sprinklers.

Plans For The Week: Getting over this football camp first week hump. I’m just not overly thrilled about the whole thing. But we have to do what we have to do.
Picture Thought: Im trying to be inspired for a new header…nothing has come to me yet.


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