The Wait

(I would like to apologize for my non posting of Day Book. I know you expect it every week and are severely disappointed. I just wasn’t feelin it this week. I promise to bring it next week.)

In case you didn’t know, I took the day off to see my little Wonder show off his moves at the talent show. That was the plan anyway.
The hubs did his full time job of application/resume submissions on Monday. Shockingly he got a call within 20 minutes of a submission to come out today and do some “q.a. testing” which they didn’t say was a interview? Soo Yay..we finally get a call! (P.S. If you missed the word…the hubs contract at the temp place ended a few months ago. I know. It’s ok. We’re pros at this)
My plan was to chill at home (alone) before the show…and clean and meet the hubs at the school. The hubs had a different plan. He figured this QA was to see how much he knew about software QA testing and it wouldn’t take long. An hour tops. I’d come along, as we had some other errands to do.
If you didn’t know, I’m a pretty patient person. A hour just sitting in a car seems like a long time to wait for most people, Im used to it…sorta. I get this car sitting patience from my father. He sits and sleeps better just sitting in a non moving car than he does in his own bed. I think I broke his car sitting record today.
The first hour: All is well. Im listening to the radio, watching the people go by. Im thinking about this opportunity and how this is again right up the hub’s alley. I think about the drive he would have to take and hope it would be worth it. I check my email, check facebook and watch the clock. Shouldn’t be too much longer now.
The Second Hour: At this point I’m a little bit restless but I know my husband. He is a talker and a little bit of a BSer. I haven’t seen him come from a major interview yet that didn’t last less than an hour. He asks lots of questions and creates conversations. I’m anxious but I know this is his normal. I play some Mah Jong, update my phone contact list(sadly that took all of two seconds but hey I’m at least trying to be productive) Im feeling kind of silly sitting in the car while office people go back and forth, probably wondering who the crazy lady is that has been in the car for two hours.
Two and Half Hours In: Now Im getting frantically stir crazy. There’s only so much facebooking, and mah joning a person can do. Sure… I could have downloaded a plethora of new apps and games but I’m trying to be practical. I admit I may have started calling the phone Wilson and having deep conversations with it on the hows and whys this kind of crazy waiting happens to me. I was getting a bit weepy. Had I not had Wilson..I’m not sure I would have made it.
I was also very over anxious because our time to get to the school was narrowing. We were clear across town, like a good 45 minutes. I kept thinking doesn’t he understand that his wife is waiting in the car and his son is making his talent show debut? I was also debating if I should come in after him.
3 hours in(serious as a heart attack): At this point I’ve given up. We’re not going to make it. I keep reassuring myself this is really for a good reason. It’s not like we just up and decided; “nah I don’t feel like watching my kid do his talent show, lets go to the movies instead.” This was an opportunity for the hubs and it will bring balance to the home force. My mother was going to be there (thanks mom!) so he would have some support. Of course, the thought also ran through my mind that I literally took off work to sit in my car at a office complex for 3 hours…where I could have been sitting in a warm auditiorium to hear and watch a bunch of children show their (good or not so good talent) or I could be in my desk working my number magic and not losing a vacation day. Again all for the greater good.
3 Hours and 15 Minutes Later… (in my announcer dude from Sponge Bob voice) he finally emerges. He knew he was in trouble and that he had some splainin to do.
Basically they gave him a test software, told him to find all the bugs and note it. They should have just told him he won a free trip to Disney World, go have fun. Cause… breaking buggy software is one of his favorite things to do. (Strangest first interview-ever-second or third I could see) Needless to say, they wanted him to be thorough and though there was a time limit, it wasn’t a big deal. Once he finally finished 2 and half hours later, they then interviewed him. We’ve actually had a few calls from them as the day progressed on when he could start and the emails to his references. So hopefully that’s a good sign.

Also for the record(stepping on soap box). I am so glad I did take off today anyway because I did not want to be at work sitting and waiting in a stairwell, while tornadoes passed all around me and I not having a clue what was going on like I did last year. I was much happier sitting at home watching all the coverage in nervous anticipation, on my couch, under the ground. Our house is becoming the neighborhood tornado watch party.
Our poor little state is a mess again. We’re pretty stubborn and bounce back quick. We also are probably one of the best informed states in the union when it comes to tornadoes and preparation. We get ample preparation time and they literally give it to you city by city- minute by minute even down to the street name and a list of cities it’s path is in and when it will hit. I promise you, our weathermen take this stuff very seriously and there is literally no commercials/shows for hours straight until our viewing area is clear. That was one thing I hated about Texas, they literally just did not know how to warn people properly and didn’t understand that extensive coverage is necessary. Sadly we did have some death and destruction but not near what they had in Missouri. Unfortunatley, their town probably did not get the ample warning they needed.
OK this went way too long….making up for lost time I suppose.


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