Day Book 5/15

Outside My Window: Dark and more dark

I Am Hearing: Pirates of Carribean. I like a little pirate eye candy once in a while.

I Am Thinking: Thank God I am done with the semester! I’m exhausted and tired of ignoring my house and kids for 9 weeks straight. The deeper I go in the harder the semester. I finally left a message with my academic advisor that I can’t do it anymore…atleast not again in another week and a half. I need a longer break than that. So hopefully they don’t look down me for being a quitter..which Im not Im just taking a break and want to start the next upcoming semester in a few weeks.

Can I Also Mention: Our one and only NBA Basketball team has moved on to the next round.
Im not a major follower of the NBA or basketball. I do my college brackets but dont follow it really. Anywho… since they won our zoo is doing Thunderwon day with $1.00 admission tomorrow of course. I am so freaking wanting to skip work just to go and see the new elephant exhibit and see the baby elephant. Wah.
I Am Hoping: The pics I took for my soccer shoot come out ok. Well they came out..but Im not overly happy with them. I will say this was a great learning experience but I felt really rushed and didn’t really do as good a job as I wanted. Hopefully once everything is edited they will look much better. (Did I mention I got paid? I was crazy cheap since I wanted the experience more than the funds. Im still reeling on that)

Plans For The Week: Finish up my soccer shoot pics. Work some overtime. Catch up on laundry house and painting. Be a “normal” person for awhile besides student.
Oh and celebrate my 13th wedding anniversary. Craziness! We already had our little weekend. Nothing major.

Picture Thought: You may recall that our sno cone stand finally opened last week. Yep we had to get ours, and the dogs also needed theirs.


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