Day Book 5/8

Outside My Window: Can’t complain…can’t complain one bit (maybe a tiny bit). Though I will say it’s getting really warm really fast which means it’s going to be hot hot hot before you know it.

I Am Hearing: It’s pretty quiet just hanging around. Normally I’d be upto my eyeballs in homework but this week was pretty easy going and I just have to finish 1 paper and complete my timeline project. Which Im not looking forward to then I should off for a week unless I decide to wait until the next semester starts. I haven’t decided yet.

I Am Hoping: That this sinus stuff is gone and done. I was out of pocket all week. I knew I wasn’t feeling well but had no idea I had strep. My throat was crazy sore but I never had a fever, just chills. Glad it’s nipped in the bud cause I was miserable.
I was also hoping to go to Stillwater this week to watch my boy do his Special thing but I took two sick days last week after finally being in the positive and so Im low again on time. Plus it would be a quick trip this year and no stay over for us (which isn’t near as fun) maybe next year..and maybe we’ll do a stay over in Tulsie town at the end of the month for Memorial weekend.

I Am Thinking: I’m thinking of updating the header on the know just for fun.

Plans For The Week: Not to much excitement just the season opening of the sno cone stand Monday. I’ve been waiting all winter/spring for it to open. Call me crazy I know. I never craved it in Texas maybe because it’s just so close to the house and a convienient drive by. The hubs has said he will buy it for me when we win the lottery so we can run it. Big dreams I know..and no it’s never been THAT big a dream of mine.

Picture Thoughts:A recipe for a Happy Mother’s Day
First a little dessert
Then sweet gifts of poems, bears, and flowers

Overall a good day! Happy Happy Day to all the moms out there


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